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Race Days at

         As you can tell, we have a special interest in race horses, and on certain Sunday afternoons we open our gates and invite the public to come watch us run the horses on our 500 yard straight track facility, Rancho El Centenario.  We have one of the finest horse tracks in the Southeast, and I believe the best straight track for horses in the South.  We bring in horses and jockies from all around the country to train and race with our horses.  A race day at the Liberty Hill Country Club's Rancho El Centenario is an action-packed afternoon you won't soon forget!

          We strive to make our guests as comfortable as possible during their visit.  Our race track flanks a 30 acre pecan orchard, providing ample shade and a beautiful backdrop to the races.  We have several covered pavillions and over 40 picnic tables around the race track area.  We have a varierty of  concession vendors.  We have clean, indoor bathrooms with hot water.


         We strive to make our events and facilities as family-friendly as possibly.   At every event we have something for the kids.  We regularly have inflatables, face painting, pony rides and other kid-friendly attractions.



        As with any event where people gather, we have found it necessary to set forth some basic rules we expect our guests to follow.  We want everyone who comes out to race day to have a great experience, and we ask your cooperation with this short list of "No-no's" set out below:

* NO GAMBLING - Betting on horse races is ILLEGAL in the State

of  Georgia.  We do not support, encourage, or condone betting on anything at our facilities.

* NO WEAPONS - No firearms, knives, or other weapons allowed.

We always have paid security on site. You are perfectly safe here.     Brandising a weapon at our place will get you escorted off the

property... and into the hands of the Sheriff!

* NO DRUGS - ZERO TOLERANCE. We catch you with drugs on our

property, we will call the sheriff - NO EXCEPTIONS.

* NO LITTERING - We work hard to keep a clean, safe venue for you and your friends and famiy to come enjoy.  Please help us out by putting your trash in one of the many trash barrels we provide.

* NO DRUNKENNESS - We don't sell alcohol, but we do allow our

guests to bring in coolers.  Enjoy yourself, but drink responsibly.

You show your tail, and we will show you the road.

* NO GLASS BOTTLES - There are few hazards more dangerous on a farm than broken glass.  A cut foot or hoof will ruin anyone's day.

* NO PROFANITY - Horse racing is exciting stuff, but we run a

family-friendly operation here.  Please, don't give me any new

words to explain to my kids.

* NO FIGHTING - There's just no reason for people to come to

blows over a horse race.  Fighting will not be tolerated.


        We reserve the right to remove, and/or exclude, anyone from the property at any time at our sole discretion.




The health and well-being of the horses we keep is our constant priority.  We are inspected and licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Equine Health Division. We maintain a close relationships with several local veterinarians. If you need help getting the required paperwork we can refer you to a licensed veterinarian who can help.  All horses entering our facilities are subject to examination by our veterinarian.  We require current Coggin's certificates on all Georgia horses entering the property, and a current Certificate of Vetrinary Inspection (CVI) on all out-of -state horses entering the property - NO EXCEPTIONS.


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